Zendesk For WHMCS rests on the close integration of Zendesk into your WHMCS so as to equip it with new quality features for the management of support tickets. With this module, your customers will enjoy the benefits of the widely respected customer service solution without ever stepping out of your comfy client area!

The WHMCS built-in support system will be cleverly replaced with the Zendesk tool suite, in such a way that its look and feel will remain untouched in essence. The focal change lies in the extended variety of possibilities offered to your clients, empowered by the module to fill in Zendesk ticket fields or even use emojis in messages – everything straight on your website. At the same time, you and your support teams will be welcome to view, answer and manage all the tickets, including the WHMCS ones, directly from the Zendesk admin area.

Running multiple brands? So much the better! Zendesk For WHMCS includes spotless integration with our legendary Multibrand For WHMCS that will allow you to handle main ticket settings for each of your brands separately. Worthy of special note is also the module’s compatibility with Zendesk’s Multibrand feature, leaving you the choice as to which brand from those available in Zendesk should be connected with your WHMCS.

Gain the unshakeable trust of your audience by ensuring each of their needs is diligently taken care of. Order Zendesk For WHMCS yet today and become a mastermind in the realm of brilliant customer service!

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  • Client Area

    • View Zendesk Departments
    • Open New Ticket In Chosen Department
    • Open New Ticket From “Contact Us” Form
    • Manage Existing Tickets
    • Fill In Zendesk Ticket Fields
    • Select Related Service
    • Attach Files To Ticket
    • List Recent Tickets
  • Admin Area

    • Configure And Test Server Connection
    • Toggle SSL Connection
    • Toggle SSO For Only Verified Users
    • Select Zendesk Brand
    • Choose Available Support Departments
    • Choose Available Ticket Fields
    • Choose Default Department For Exported Tickets
    • Choose Department For “Contact Us” Tickets Opened By Visitors
    • Define Client Service Field
    • Manually Export To Zendesk:
      • WHMCS Clients
      • WHMCS Tickets
    • Check Status Of Exported Clients
    • Define Module Behavior:
      • Show Solved Tickets
      • Define Order Of Replies
      • Allow Shared Login Redirection
      • Update Client Credentials
    • Define Ticket Status Colors
    • View Logs


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