The WordPress team announced the general availability of the WordPress 5.9.3 maintenance release. WordPress 5.9.3 is a short-cycle maintenance release. The latest release includes 9 bug fixes in Core and 10 bug fixes in the block editor. WordPress 5.9.3 can be downloaded from the WordPress official website or it can be downloaded from the WordPress Dashboard.

9 bug fixes in Core and 10 bug fixes in the block editor

The following core tickets from Trac were fixed:

  • #52409 – Filesystem API: Include the ssh-ed25519 public key signature algorithm as an alternative to ssh-RSA
  • #54878 – Themes: Hide block themes live preview link following installation
  • #54916 – Administration: Do not specify menu order for the Widgets menu when the active theme is a block theme
  • #54939 – Customizer: When a block theme is active, add information about Site Editor in the Customizer
  • #55203 – Media: Make get_post_galleries() only return galleries
  • #55241 – Themes: Avoid undefined variable warning on get_svg_filters()
  • #55311 – Editor: Fix broken asset URLs when using WP outside of the regular directory
  • #55337 – Editor: Optimize preload paths for post and site editors
  • #55474 – Update WordPress packages for 5.9.3

The following block editor issues from GitHub were fixed:

  • PR38136 – Adds aria-label to the search button, as accessibility enhancement
  • PR38863 – Template List: Decode entities in record titles
  • PR38891 – Use wp_unique_id() instead of uniqid() to generate CSS class names
  • PR38765 – Cover block: Fix gradient overlay (remove black background color)
  • PR39045 – Try: Fix image responsive rules
  • PR38762 – Fixes #38761 by removing obsolete ::before pseudo element
  • PR39091 – Avoid error when ‘styles’ settings are removed
  • PR39164 – Change location of block support styles in <head>
  • PR39340 – Image: Restore baseline responsiveness in the block
  • PR39445 – Fix: Table block doesn’t keep background-color


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