What is Jetpack? It’s not the traveling jet propulsion backpack you’ll find in sci-fi films. Jetpack is a WordPress toolkit designed to secure, speed up, and backup your website. Not only will your website load faster, but you will have access to automated, daily backups and automated restores, spam filtering, and a 30-day site archive. All of these features are included with a Jetpack Personal License.

So, why should I have a Jetpack license for WordPress?

  • Automated Backups. There are various backup plugins available for WordPress. Some we recommend, and others–not so much. Jetpack is a premium module and what sets it apart is how the backup is made. Jetpack will take a backup whenever a change is made to your account. This includes creating and editing new pages, posts, new plugin and theme installations, and any updates made to your WordPress installation. Jetpack also makes restoration easy with its activity log. Simply click an event and Jetpack will allow you to either download the backup or restore your site.
  • A Free Content Delivery Network (CDN). Jetpack’s CDN comes with unlimited bandwidth and is completely free.
  • Lazy Loading Images. Images are loaded only when users see them instead of loading all at once. The site loads faster as a result and this leads to positive SEO performance.
  • Spam Filtering. This automatically clears spam from comments and forms.
  • Downtime Monitoring. Jetpack will continuously monitor your site and will alert you when downtime is detected.


Jet Backup

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