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Two of the most popular web hosting management platforms available online are WHMCS and Blesta Services. Though there are several competitors, these two stand out due to the availability of extensive features and how user-friendly they are. Let’s zoom in on both.

What is WHMCS?

WHMCS is a web hosting management platform with a multitude of features. It is equipped with a client management panel whose major goal is to offer web hosting firms tools that allow them to assist their clients in every manner imaginable. WHMCS stands for Web Host Manager Complete Solution and provides an automation system as well as a customer support system for online businesses.

If you operate a hosting website, you may connect it with WHMCS to manage your reseller hosting, clients, billing, and other features. Furthermore, you may get assistance from the finest WHMCS website development firm in customizing your website to include the necessary functions.

What is Blesta?

Blesta is a multipurpose billing and invoicing program that aids in client administration and billing. Additionally, it acts as a support software for various hosting providers. Its features include managing clients, invoices, services, and payments. This feature-rich solution is secure and developer-friendly.

It allows customers to link various payment methods to their accounts, but it also accepts partial and overpayments.

Furthermore, if you operate your own hosting company, you may configure various billing settings for different groups of clients. All of these characteristics combine to make Blesta a great choice for billing flexibility.

WHMCS vs Blesta Features

To help with our comparison, let’s explore a few features unique to WHMCS and Blesta.

WHMCS Features

Web Host Manager Complete Solution can be an excellent solution because it allows users to:

  • Sends invoices to customers and bills them in various currencies.
  • Registers, transfers, and renews domain names for your customers.
  • With detailed analytics, you can keep track of your company’s success.
  • Installs add-ons to expand the platform’s capabilities.
  • Makes your own affiliate program.
  • Creates themes to personalize your dashboard.

Blesta Features

Blesta Services can be a great option to consider because of these key features it provides users.

  • Automatically generates and delivers invoices.
  • Allows your clients to link various billing methods to their accounts.
  • Accounts are automatically approved and suspended.
  • Includes a ticket management system.
  • Add-ons can be used to enhance the platform’s capabilities.
  • Using a single dashboard, you can manage various hosting companies.

WHMCS vs Blesta

Now that we have explored the key features of both Web Hosting Management Platforms, let’s compare them side by side because you must be able to pick the right platform for you.

Customer Experience

When using WHMCS, you can easily and efficiently control everything you need to from the control panel including selling domains, registering, transferring, renewing domains, and hosting plans. It provides quick access to information about all orders, clients, goods, and services. It also provides add-on services such as apps and integration in addition to other core functions.

In comparison to WHMCS however, Blesta offers fewer control panels, registrar, and payment gateway components. It does provide more billing choices, such as partial and overpayment possibilities based on billing conditions.


If customization is important to you, you’ll find strong differences between WHMCS and Blesta services in this regard. You may alter, customize, or combine your WHMCS with other systems whenever you need to. Third-party developers are welcome to alter the client-facing UI, customize text and phrases, integrate and extend functionality, and use APIs for WHMCS authentication, event hooking, and remote interaction with WHMCS. In fact, they even provide documentation for developers working with WHMCS on their own website.

Blesta, on the other hand, is intended to be a more developer-friendly platform than WHMCS. Blesta’s source code is accessible for editing natively. As a result, it provides several configurable choices for consumer billing.

Let’s Wrap Up

Have you decided which platform is better for Reseller Hosting? After reading through the customization, customer experience, price, and the key features of each platform, which do you think will benefit your reseller costing business.
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