To get started with the topic WHMCS vs. Blesta, firstly you need to understand what are two platforms are.

What is WHMCS:- WHMCS is a web hosting management complete solution particularly built to help the hosting reseller business owners. WHMCS help in the automation, and management of invoices, products, payments, and billing easily and conveniently. You should explore our last blog to learn more about the features of WHMCS.


What Is Blesta:- Blesta is a billing platform founded in 2007, to help web hosting business owners. It is an open-source platform that is now used by web hosting service providers, game hosting providers, internet service providers, and freelancers. Blesta manages clients, billing, orders, and much more.

Points of Differences

We have listed the points of difference between the two platforms for which you are here.


Pricing:- The basic monthly plan of WHMCS starts at $18.95 which allows 250 clients and goes up to $44.95 where you can manage more than 500 clients and get some extra benefits like priority support and live chat support.

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Blesta comes with a basic plan of $12.95 monthly whereas you can manage more than 1000 clients. But there are some limitations with the basic plans like you can not remove the watermark of Blesta from your website. For that, you need to upgrade the plan to $14.95.


User Friendly:- The first point of difference between the two is user-friendliness. However, both of the platforms are made to provide the best experience to their users. But according to reviews of the customers, we can calculate that WHMCS is comparatively more user-friendly than Blesta. If you are the one looking for a great user experience then you should go with WHMCS.


Configuration:- Configuration is also easy and well structured in WHMCS than Blesta. There is a complete knowledge base of WHMCS, there are forums and communities where you can discuss or ask questions to other experts about your WHMCS Issues. But this is where Blesta Lacks you don`t have any facility like WHMCS. If you get into some trouble then Support is the only place where you can seek help from. Which makes the customization, configuration, and sometimes update to the latest versions.


Best Used For- With a basic plan, Blesta gives you access to manage 1000+ clients whereas WHMCS gives you access to manage 250 clients only. If you go with Blesta you can leverage to manage more clients at a cheaper price than WHMCS.
WHMCS is made to automate the tasks and provide more control to the Web hosting resellers’ business owners over their clients. WHMCS is specifically made for Weh Hosting Businesses. Where Blesta is best suited and widely used by web hosting businesses, gaming, freelancers, and internet services providers.


Customization:- If you are a customization lover, then you can go for customization in your WHMCS system. You can easily hire someone to customize the client area of your WHMCS if you are not into development or coding. Whereas Blesta offers customization by providing access to the native code to the developers. Blesta is designed to be more developer-friendly than WHMCS.



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