A security issue has been identified that affects versions 8.5 and 8.6 of WHMCS.

As a result, we have published new releases of WHMCS 8.5 and 8.6. All earlier versions of WHMCS are unaffected.

The issue was reported privately and there is no evidence to suggest it is known publicly. We will not be releasing any further details about the issue at this time.

What should I do?

You should update WHMCS, either manually or using the Automatic Updater, as soon as possible. We recommend using the Automatic Updater.

Update Instructions

Automatic Update Steps

  1. Log in to your WHMCS Admin Area.
  2. Navigate to Utilities > Update WHMCS.
  3. Click Check Now to check for updates. When the check completes you will see a new version is available.
  4. Click the Update Now button and follow the wizard-based steps.

If you are on 8.5.0 or 8.5.1 and want to only automatically update to the 8.5.2 revision, you can configure the Updater to only filter for your ‘Current Version’ (ie, 8.5.x): Before performing step 3 above, click Configure Update Settings, then select the ‘Current Version’ Update Channel, click the Save Changes button and proceed to step 3.

All the versions on Licenseman are regularly updated. Check your portal to get the latest available version.


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