WHMCS Modules are parts of WHMCS, one of the best Web Hosting Management solutions built to resolve the problems of Web Hosting reseller business owners. It automates all the manual processes which take more effort and consume a lot of time.

What is a WHMCS Module?

Modules are add-ons to WHMCS which allows it to interact with third-party APIs and apps. The module contains several features that can be added to WHMCS.


How do get started developing your WHMCS custom module?

Key Requirements:-
– Product/Feature you want to use/integrate into your WHMCS setup.
– Public API with proper documentation access.
– Wireframes/design alongside the clarity of flow of the functionality process.

Key benefits of using a WHMCS Module

Increase Functionality – By adding a module to your WHMCS, you can increase the functionality and add custom features to your WHMCS according to your needs and convenience.
Automation – Automation is another big advantage you will get with WHMCS Module. You can add modules to automate any of the functions that you hate doing manually related to your payments, invoices, and client data.
Integration – Integration of WHMCS with other third-party APIs and apps is much easier using WHMCS Modules. One can easily manage different sectors of their WHMCS like reporting, and accounting, emails, etc.

A glance at the types and power of the WHMCS Module

Payment Gateway:- The payment Gateway Module is used to connect WHMCS with different payment and credit card processors for collecting payments.
Reporting Modules:- Reporting modules help you with reports and analytics of your business so that you can measure the performance.
Notification Modules:- There are modules built specifically for notifications. It keeps you updated about all the upcoming and ongoing tasks. It notifies you when a ticket is opened, a new order is placed, and even when an invoice is paid.
Domain Registrar:- Registrar Modules are used for the registration and management of domains within WHMCS. The main function of these modules is the registration, transfer, and renewal of domains.
Provisioning Modules:- Provisioning modules are generally used for the management of products and services. The root function of a module is creating, suspending, unsuspending, and terminating products.
Addon Moules: – Addon Modules are used to increase the functionality and features of your WHMCS.

Fraud Protection Modules:- With WHMCS Fraud protection modules you can ensure the security of and fraud protections. Fraud Protection modules run regular system checkups to block potential frauds.


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