CentralNIC Registrar Integration

Resell over 1,100 TLDs, including many rare ccTLDs and hundreds of popular domain extensions

CentralNic Reseller, formerly RRPproxy, is a domain registrar solution specializing in rare ccTLDs alongside hundreds of popular domain extensions.

This new integration replaces the former RRPProxy module and includes all the typical domain registrar integration functionality, including support for domain suggestions. Also new to this integration, DNSSEC functionality is available via the client area.

Instant Issuance for Digicert SSL Certificates

An improved experience for RapidSSL, GeoTrust and Digicert

With Instant Issuance in WHMCS 8.7, new hosting accounts can get SSL protection immediately.

This new functionality, available exclusively to Digicert SSL via MarketConnect, improves customer experience with TLS/SSL Certificates able to be provisioned immediately at the point of provisioning, providing increased reliability and avoiding any temporary SSL warnings often experienced by new hosting accounts.

This functionality is available and will be attempted automatically for all Domain Validated certificates when being provisioned to cPanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin hosting accounts.

NordVPN: VPN & Cybersecurity

Offer the NordVPN service to your customers via MarketConnect


NordVPN is a market-leading provider of VPN and Cybersecurity solutions. With NordVPN, you can offer your customers a trusted brand in online security to protect their web browsing and steam and browse without limitations.

The NordVPN service offering also comes with anti-malware tools that protect against malware, block trackers and ads, and dangerous websites. There are also powerful features such as Kill Switch and Double VPN.

Version 8.7 Release Notes


CentralNic Reseller Module

We now ship a CentralNic Reseller domain registrar module. It uses the new CentralNic Reseller platform.

  • After you start using the CentralNic Reseller module, you can select CentralNic Reseller as your lookup provider at Configuration () > System Settings > Domain Pricing.
  • This module replaces the RRPProxy module.

Deprecation and Removal Notices

Removed Modules

We have removed the Payson and RRPProxy modules:

  • Payson ceases support for our module in January 2023. The update to WHMCS 8.7 will remove the files for this module.
  • We no longer support the RRPProxy module. If you previously configured this module, the update process will migrate you to the new CentralNic Reseller module before removing the RRPProxy files.



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