We’re excited to announce the beta release of WHMCS 8.6.

WHMCS 8.6 headlines with support for PHP 8.1 – the latest available PHP version at the time of writing.

Other changes include OAuth2 Support for Microsoft® Services and a new and improved way to browse and discover Payment Gateways you wish to use via Apps & Integrations integration.

What’s New in WHMCS 8.6?

PHP 8.1 Support

Introducing support for PHP 8.1 environments

PHP 8.1 is the latest stable version of PHP and brings with it stability and performance improvements making it the optimal choice for your WHMCS instance.

WHMCS 8.6 supports PHP 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, and 8.1 providing a seamless path for updating current deployments of WHMCS to the newest version of PHP.

OAuth2 Support for Microsoft® Services

Ensuring compatibility for upcoming authentication changes

If you use Microsoft’s mail services, our new Microsoft Mail integration allows you to comply with Microsoft’s upcoming requirements for OAuth2 authentication.

This includes any Microsoft service that is compatible with Microsoft Azure® apps, like Hotmail®, Microsoft Outlook®, Microsoft 365®, and several others. OAuth2 offers enhanced security and replaces traditional password-based authentication.

Payment Gateways Discovery
An improved experience for discovering and activating gateways

The new experience, backed by Apps & Integrations, provides a more visual and informative way to discover integrations with intelligent suggestions based on location and in-product information about supported features.

In addition, the Payment Gateway management UI has been updated to provide a more optimized and streamlined experience for managing your existing gateways, with new drag-and-drop capability and improved feedback.



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