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  • WordPress Hosting
  • SEO Friendly Product URLs
  • Stripe and PayPal Disputes Management
  • DNS Validation for SSL

Changelog:WHMCS V7.8.3


CORE-7197 (#4467) – Allow remote bank account payments to be captured via cron
CORE-13180 – Prevent erroneous failure message on no records are changed when using Bulk Pricing Updater
CORE-13270 – Correct date grouping for Affiliate Hits report
CORE-13335 – Utilize best symbols for password generation respective of Plesk provisioning
CORE-13364 – Improve report queries for MySQL v8 date syntax
CORE-13377 – Ensure tax is applied to billable items when set to “Add to users next invoice”
CORE-13474 – Improve handling of WHOIS server response timeout
CORE-13491 – Utilize Bootstrap datepicker over jQuery UI for Automation status
CORE-13512 – Ensure hidden config options honored when recalcuating via UpdateClientProduct
CORE-13546 – Ensure promo code with defined billing cycle is applied to product addons
Also known as: CORE-13604
CORE-13547 – Correct CentovaCast hostname configuration
CORE-13555 – Correct spelling for Araba/Álava
CORE-13558 – Delete all translations of Email Templates on deletion of template
CORE-13584 – Prevent duplicate attachments when invoking AddTicketNote during TicketOpen hook
CORE-13609 – Ensure periodic Activity Log pruning occurs
CORE-13717 – Ensure cPanel Product Name is checked for username in Sync
CORE-13718 – Improve email verification post-login
CORE-13721 – Prevent fatal when attempting to load former password reset path
CORE-13724 – Ensure Overage Billing is enabled before processing
CORE-13725 – Ensure correct language strings used in Tax Rules UI
CORE-13728 – Correct CC Recipients form for client area
CORE-13730 – Correct captcha display logic for new Password Reset template
CORE-13732 – Ensure remote bank account gateways can be captured
Also known as: MODULE-7126
CORE-13733 – Improving handling for token gateways’ post-auth workflow respective to payment by credit
Also known as: MODULE-7117
CORE-13734 – Inspect encrypted card data for bogus values prior to migration
CORE-13735 – Allow deleting of remote paymethod local reference when remote delete fails
CORE-13738 – Ensure hidden on order form Product Addons are available for purchase after order
CORE-13739 – Improve browser compatibility of input type for CVV field
CORE-13749 – Ensure mailbox is not empty before invoking POP search functionality
CORE-13751 – Correct display of IP in Client Activity widget
CORE-13753 – Ensure PayMethod is associated with invoice on Invoice Email Send
CORE-13759 – Correct invoice calculation for due amounts with multiple payments

Project Management Addon

PMA-90 – Provide option to Apply Tax on invoices from Billing Timers
Also known as: PMA-93
PMA-102 – Correct Week and Weeks language strings
Also known as: ADDON-6009
PMA-105 – Improve queries to avoid mismatch collation issues
Also known as: ADDON-6012
PMA-110 – Allow task list to be sorted
Also known as: ADDON-5958
PMA-111 – Show uploaded date of PMA attachments in client area
PMA-116 – Provide more accurate description of timer durations
PMA-129 – Ensure Import Tasks button is enabled/disabled appropriately
PMA-130 – Remove support for custom status color of PMA projects
PMA-134 – Ensure project log updated when adding timer entry
PMA-140 – Correct entity rendering on add new task
Also known as: ADDON-6029
PMA-146 – Improve view of Due Date editing on Project Management Details
PMA-147 – Add dates to Project Management Project Time Logs report
PMA-150 – Implement ability to delete task templates


MODULE-7110 – Ensure client area Add PayMethod ignores hidden gateways
MODULE-7111 – Prevent error when updating pay method for eWay Tokens in admin area
MODULE-7113 – Correct input validation for Accpet.js
MODULE-7114 – Ensure Payment Intent Description is passed to Stripe
MODULE-7122 – Prevent cron fatal error when processing Stripe with missing data


CORE-13451 – Prevent double invocation of ClientAdd hook when runing AddClient via local API
CORE-13744 – Ensure GetPayMethods returns all pay method types


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