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This module makes PayPal’s functionality in WHMCS almost identical to a credit card gateway except that instead of supplying credit card information to a gateway, the module would supply the PayPal reference transaction token to make a charge. Basically, this module acts like a credit card module, but for PayPal.

This module is different than the default functionality that is built into WHMCS which creates a recurring payment profile for a customer. With this, you can use the PayPal reference transaction tokenization and bill-on-demand features to be able to easily change the payment amount and be able to bill on demand instead of waiting for PayPal to send a fixed payment on PayPal’s recurring payment schedule. It also includes a billing agreement with the customer, and provision to tie into the regular WHMCS hooks for regularly scheduled payments.


PCI Compliant free: Our software doesn’t store any credit card information thus, needs not to store any security token such as PCI Compliant.

Manual Refund: Admin has the ability to refund the amount in a manual way just as the default WHMCS functionality works.

Easy to use: After the set up of “Billing Agreement”, the customers have the ability to make the entire transactions without leaving your website.

Removing the Billing Agreement: Both the admin and the user have the ability to remove the billing agreement.

Make you feel Secured: Clients feel much more secure with our PayPal Tokenization WHMCS module as we do not ask for cc details on the website.

Multiple currency support: The user has the option to select his currency from the client area of WHMCS and with the same, the user will get redirected to PayPal.

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