What benefits your clients will get with Cloudflare?

  • Unlimited and Unmetered DDoS Mitigation
  • Prevent Customer Data Breach
  • Accelerate Internet Applications
  • Accelerate Mobile Experiences
  • Ensure Application Availability
  • Save server bandwidth
  • Free CDN & SSL

What benefits Hosting Provider will get with Cloudflare?

Being a domain and hosting provider, you very well know the importance of the DNS settings. DNS setting is mandatory for a web hosting provider so that their clients can easily set their DNS records from the client area. Now the questions arise whether you need to set up an infrastructure for these DNS settings? No, Cloudflare offers FREE DNS to the hosting providers and you can easily resell them with our module. So you do not need any other DNS service provider you can manage them free with Cloudflare.

  1. Provides an option to resell the Cloudflare services as a product add-on.
  2. It allows your clients to upgrade or downgrade Cloudflare plans from the client area itself. When your client purchased Cloudflare service from your website, our module automatically creates a Cloudflare account of that customer and adds the domain entered.
  3. Our module automatically updates the nameservers of your client domain on the domain registrar with the nameservers provided by Cloudflare.
  4. The module provides a friendly User Interface that allows your customers to easily manage the DNS records, DNSSEC from the client area itself.
  5. Your clients can manage all the Cloudflare settings in their client area, without any need to go on the Cloudflare website to manage.


  • View Cloudflare Analytics
  • Manager DNS Settings
  • Manager Crypto Settings
  • Manage Cloudflare Firewall Settings
  • Manage Website Speed Optimization
  • Manage Website Caching Settings
  • Manage Scrap Shield Settings
  • Plan Upgrade and Downgrade
  • Can update the IP address of the website


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