Web Host Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS) is an all-in-one web hosting, server rental, co-location services, and domain registration solution. It’s developer-friendly and highly compatible with most service providers and control panels, making it one of the most popular domains hosting automation systems. Essentially it’s a ready-made solution that automates every operation needed to run a domain registration and web hosting company.

Apart from all this, WHMCS can be used to set up cPanel accounts and activate automatic provisioning on the following:

  • VPN Accounts
  • VPS Hosting
  • Email Accounts
  • Domains
  • Gaming Servers

Then Why Look For WHMCS Alternatives?

Despite all its greatness, WHMCS’s continuously increasing cost is a push factor for users to seek alternatives.

Here are the top 6 WHMCS alternatives to consider:

1. ClientExec

ClientExec is a hosting business management tool for hosting business owners and resellers to oversee every web hosting account management task including billing and configuration. It offers many amazing features for its price.

Why Choose ClientExec Over WHMCS?


  • Is almost 2 times cheaper
  • Is free with Scala3 and Scala4 Cpanel reseller hosting plans
  • Has automation services
  • Can easily integrate your billing system and configure everything
  • Gives upwards of 15 payment gateways and taxation customization options
  • Can connect to various third-party applications with REST API
  • More easily generate tickets from emails
  • Can better execute billing and tech support tasks

2. BoxBilling

BoxBilling is a free open-source solution to manage your hosting business pertaining to billing, clients, and orders; and it’s specially designed to make everything easy and user-friendly for business owners and clients alike.

Why Choose BoxBilling Over WHMCS?


  • Is as low as $5/month for the pro version
  • Is built for sales and flexible invoicing
  • Gives powerful automation, and an integrated helpdesk for support anytime
  • Offers easy product provisioning for optional payment gateways
  • Has a user-friendly multi-language interface for easy access
  • Allows developers to easily build add-ons
  • Allows business owners to start selling any Webhosting product immediately
  • Can call the same API regardless of the interface you use
  • Extends API, giving mobile & other devices access to new features.
  • Easily avoids API floods requests
  • Has many payment gateways making it highly flexible

3. HostBill App

HostBill App allows you to manage billing, clients, and support platforms; and is suitable for all the SSL Resellers and Cloud/IaaS/VPS Solutions Providers. It handles everything requisite for business management.

Why Choose HostBill App Over WHMCS?


  • Supports over 90 payment gateways
  • Are an All-in-one billing and automation platform for hosting, colo, cloud, and VPN service providers
  • Manages business essentials for large-scale hosting or web companies
  • Is an all-in-one client portal that manages all client services from a single panel
  • Handles client acquisition, through invoicing, payment collection, automated provisioning
  • Gives an extensive range of advanced features and a multitude of modules and apps
  • Integrates easily with multiple control panels, order pages, domain registrars, and payment gateways
  • Is the most advanced solution for Hosting, Cloud/IaaS/VPS Solutions Providers, SSL Resellers
  • Will keep your payment automation services up-to-date
  • Has a gamut of Hostbill templates to match your internal business design
  • Gives multi-channel support starting from email to Live Chat

4. Blesta

Blesta is a web-based billing automation solution, which manages payments, business services, invoices, clients, and a lot more. It’s highly secured, easy to use, and simplifies your online branding.

Why Choose Blesta Over WHMCS?


  • Is developer-friendly making it easy to manage and automate your business
  • Properly encodes files to provide satisfactory license protection
  • Integrates control panels, virtual servers, and other licenses if necessary
  • Has a highly customizable interface
  • Has a clean, modern ticket system and knowledge base
  • Gives Multi-Company under a single installation & Constant Payment Reminders
  • Gives equally or even more detailed Professional Invoices
  • Generates and sends invoices automatically
  • Can attach multiple billing methods to customer accounts easily
  • Approves or suspends accounts automatically
  • Allows add-ons to extend and enhance your platform’s functionalities


WISECP enables businesses and individuals to manage products, services, sales, clients, and enforcement operations. It is highly creative, professional, and user-friendly and makes it easy for users to navigate your website.

Why Choose WISECP Over WHMCS?


  • Has a less complex and technical order system
  • Quickly performs invoicing transactions, accounting, clients, and other operations
  • Has an integrated internal website interface
  • Offers a clean web interface to make navigation easy for your visitors
  • Can make the website interface invisible and use the integrated internal website interface, with its “Only Client Panel” feature
  • Allows the application of client panel and product purchase links to various themes or to your existing website
  • Has very simple functions for both client and admin
  • Has an easy setup
  • Is cost-effective and more advanced than WHMCS in every sense
  • Offers Modern Security and Product/service listing Features
  • Automatically supports 150+ ready-to-use currencies and exchange rates over API
  • Has an advanced multi-language creation and highly functional management and control interface
  • Has an ultra-security system to prevent malicious attacks

BillingServ is a completely cloud-based platform that allows all types of businesses to simplify their billing cycle and accept online payments for web hosting products and services. It’s affordable, highly reliable, and you’ll only pay for necessary features.

Why Choose BillingServ Over WHMCS?


  • Is secure and scalable
  • Can be easily integrated with cPanel, VPS.net, Enom, NameCheap, and many more
  • Includes credit/debit, check, and 10 other payment/invoicing options.
  • Have CampaignMonitor & sales forecasts for email marketing
  • Has built-in DDoS protection
  • Can integrate with any domain registrar or SSL providers like cPanel/WHM or Plesk
  • Has simple setup packages; technical assistance is unnecessary
  • Is a comprehensive online ordering service
  • Has various formats for incredibly seamless transactions


Blesta Hostbill WHMCS

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