Virtuozzo VPS For WHMCS is an inventive module that brings automatic provisioning and remote handling of Virtuozzo servers right into your WHMCS. With it, you will not only easily create and deliver all-ready products to your clients but also view and manage the existing virtual machines and nodes thanks to the inbuilt Servers Monitor component.

From now on, your admin area will be equipped with every tool that is essential to oversee the offered servers. At the same time, your customers will appreciate a great many means to conveniently manage their products without leaving your website. They will be empowered to control backups, snapshots, firewall, usage statistics, IP addresses, as well as access the noVNC console.

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  • Admin Area

    • Create/Suspend/Unsuspend/Terminate Server
    • Stop/Restart/Suspend/Reinstall Virtual Machine
    • Migrate Server Between Nodes
    • Change Package – Supports Configurable Options
    • Change Password
    • Update IP Addresses List
    • Assign/Delete Virtual Machine By Name
    • View Server Details And Status
    • View And Update Assigned IP Addresses
    • View Scheduled Tasks
    • Configure Product As Virtuozzo Container Or Virtual Machine Type
    • Configure Product Networking
    • Configure Product Features And Limits
    • Configure Client Area Features Per Product
    • Select Available OS Templates To Rebuild Server
    • Enable “Guest Tools” Installation (Virtual Machine Type Only)
    • Automatically Enable Console After Server Creation
    • Disable Including Unnamed Backups For Clients
    • Enable Sending Welcome Email Template After Server Creation
  • Client Area

    • View Server Details And Status
    • Start/Stop/Restart/Suspend/Resume/Reinstall Server
    • Add And Download Public SSH Keys (Virtual Machine Type Only)
    • Change Hostname
    • Change Boot Device (Virtual Machine Type Only)
    • Schedule/Restore/Manage Backups
    • Create And Revert Snapshots (Virtual Machine Type Only)
    • Enable/Disable/Access noVNC Console
    • View Usage Statistics
    • View And Order IP Addresses
    • Manage Firewall Rules (Container Type Only)
    • Rebuild Server With Selected OS Template
    • Mount Selected ISO Images To Chosen CD/DVD-ROM (Virtual Machine Type Only)
    • Change Password
    • Upgrade/Downgrade Product
    • Servers Monitor – Addon

      • Add/Edit Node
      • Check Nodes Status
      • View Nodes IP Address, Usage, And Statistics
      • View Virtual Machines List On Node
      • Assign And Manage IP Network Configurations
      • Setup Template Configuration
      • Configure Network Classes Names, Rates, Total Rates, And Status
      • View Installation Steps


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