Do you sell products or license keys? Are you tired of wasting time manually distributing and renewing keys? Sell without lifting a finger using Vendor for WHMCS, automating the distribution of license and product keys.

Vendor allows you to sell any predefined strings such as license keys, product keys, usernames, passwords, and serial numbers to your customers. Simply upload your keys and the Vendor will instantly assign keys to the customer when they purchase and pay you via your WHMCS.

Use Cases

  • Selling antivirus keys
  • Selling product keys
  • Distributing wifi/internet codes
  • Top up codes
  • Tickets numbers
  • Sign up codes


  • Optional encryption
  • Google reCAPTCHA support to help prevent fraud
  • Logging (including IP) when reCAPTCHA is attempted
  • Optional customizable client area template
  • No template changes required
  • Automated distribution of license keys to customers
  • Easily create license ‘groups’
  • Assign a custom number of keys to a service from a group
  • Produce ‘bundles’ that will distribute any number of keys from different groups assigned to one WHMCS service
  • Issue number of keys from configurable option for dynamic pricing
  • Optional automatic renewal of keys
  • Optional recycling of keys
  • Optional enforcement of unique keys per group
  • Set your own optional welcome and renewal emails to be sent with the keys
  • Complete event logging with admin details
  • Search all keys with WHMCS intelligent search (WHMCS V7.7+)
  • Customize the client area template


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