Unban Center For WHMCS has been designed to let your clients remotely unlock banned IP addresses in the most distinguished control panels, and also in VPS servers, they are hosted on. The module is fully integrated with cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, and InterWorx, but you are free to create alternative submodules for other systems and thereby suit all features masterly to the exacting standards of your business.

This tool boasts extreme ease of use, as it loads all the products in an instant based on the supported servers and submodules – the only step you need to take is to select the ones that shall be enabled, and pick the preferred urban type. Additionally, you will be able to compile blacklists with particular IP addresses or even their complete ranges that cannot be unlocked, as well as urban clients automatically after they log in to your WHMCS. If you choose to let them, your customers will be also allowed to view the reason behind the ban and unlock all IP addresses located on their VPS or a dedicated server.

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  • Client Area

    • Automatically Detect And Unban IP Addresses From:
      • Control Panel
      • Control Panel Hosted On Client’s VPS/Dedicated Servers
    • Unban IP Addresses From Control Panels Automatically After Logging In To WHMCS Client Area
    • Check If IP Address Is Banned
    • Show Reason Of Ban
    • Show All Banned IP Addresses On VPS/Dedicated Servers
    • View Time Left Until Next Available Unban Action
    • AutoComplete VPS/Dedicated Server Credentials To Unban IP Addresses
    • Receive Email Notification After Unbanning IP Address Automatically
  • Admin Area

    • View Dashboard Summary:
      • Enabled Products
      • Pending Tasks
      • Available Services
      • Last Cron Run
    • Configure Unban Features Per Product:
      • Toggle Unban Availability
      • Define Minimum Unban Delay – Protection From Abuse
      • Configure Urban Location On Control Panel
      • Prevent Clients From Unbanning IP Addresses Different Than Their Current One
      • Automatically Unban Clients After They Log In To WHMCS Client Area
      • Choose Email Template To Notify Clients About Auto Unban
      • Show Ban Reason Before Unban Attempt
      • Show All Banned IP Addresses On Client’s Dedicated/VPS Server
      • Toggle Debug Mode
    • Define Global Blacklists Of Elements Not To Be Unbanned:
      • IP Addresses
      • IP Ranges
    • Unban Single Client From Chosen Product:
      • Hosting Account
      • Dedicated/VPS Server
    • Check If Client IP Address Is Banned
    • View And Delete Logs


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