Plesk is the second most popular web hosting control panel in the market. Its toolkits, such as WordPress toolkit or SEO toolkit, makes Plesk a competitive rival for cPanel. Plesk comes with a comprehensive dashboard allowing web admins to handle all management tasks easily.

Although Plesk comes with various security features, most professional web hosting providers use extra security measures to keep their system and customers’ websites safe. These extensions are created by experienced antimalware software creators and updated recently, protecting Plesk against the latest online threats. Let’s take a close look at the best Plesk antivirus extensions.

Imunify360, ImunifyAV, ImunifyAV+

ImunifyAV and ImunifyAV+, created by CloudLinux, creators of CloudLinux OS and AlmaLinux, are intelligent antivirus and security monitoring tools. ImunifyAV is the free version of ImunifyAV+ and one of the few free options to chose from. The free version provides a full malware file scanner, reputation, and blacklist status monitoring. It also gives users a chance to try the tool before buying the premium version.

ImunifyAV is a very capable and easy-to-use extension/solution to increase Plesk security. Its one-click automatic cleanup feature allows web admins to easily remove all known viruses, adware, spyware, trojan, and worms. It also allows users to scheduled website check, admin, and users notifications on malware detection as well as enables user permissions management. ImunifyAV+ supports WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, and other PHP-based CMSs and static HTML websites. ImunifyAV+ is also one of the most affordable solutions on our list. The experienced CloudLinux team updates ImunifyAV to ensure that Plesk is safe against the latest threats. With its affordable price, easy-to-use features, scanning, and clearing capabilities ImunifyAV+ is the best option.

CloudLinux’s most comprehensive solution, Imunify360, offers all the features to secure a hosting server. Its advanced firewall comes with machine-learning rulesets and malicious PHP script capabilities that simplify pinpointing the issues. Its brute force protection works against both network and HTTP level attacks. Imunify360 also protects the server against 0-day attacks, which takes the server security one step further than its competitors. With its web host panel integration, Imunify360 allows users to easily take action against attacks, or even better, let the Imunify360 automatically remove the virus and malware.

  • Developer: CloudLinux
  • Category: Monitoring, Security, Server Tools
  • Extension page:
  • Website:

Sentinel Anti-malware

Sentinel Anti-malware is also developed by Danami. It combines Linux Malware Detect and ClamAV with some extra features. It uses threat data from network edge IPS, community data, ClamAV, and user submission systems to identify malware that is being used actively. Sentinel also comes with a hefty price tag, compared to ImunifyAV+. With Sentinel, users can scan web folders. Sentinel can automatically quarantine detected threats, allow users to quarantine, or send the report to the customers.

Automatically detected files’ permissions are removed and stored in the quarantine. At this point, users can decide to delete the file or restore them to their original path. To avoid false positives, Sentinel users can ignore specific paths, file extensions, or whitelist signatures. With Sentinel’s Web Risk API service, web admins can check the blacklist status of the domains. Sentinel Anti-malware provides all the essential tools to keep your websites safe via the Plesk control panel.

  • Developer: Danami
  • Category: Monitoring, Security
  • Extension page:
  • Website:

Warden Antispam and Virus Protection

Warden Antispam and Virus Protection, created by Danami, offers Amavis, SpamAssassin, and ClamAV combined with the Plesk control panel. Warden offers various extra features that can help web admins, however, it comes with a hefty price tag.

ClamAV included in the Warden is one of the most popular open-source scanners that can detect malware and other threats. With extended signatures, it also protects against phishing, scam, and spam. Warden comes with Amavis Content Filter, an interface between Postfix, SpamAssassin, and ClamAV. Its SpamAssassin also allows users to benefit from more than 25 SpamAssassins plugins with its plugin support. Warden also logs every message processed by Amavis to its database. Users can manage their quarantined messages to prevent false positives.

  • Developer: Danami
  • Category: Mail, Security
  • Extension page:
  • Website:


In Plesk security, your needs and priorities determine which solution is the best for you. Most Plesk antivirus/anti-malware tools offer the essential features to keep your web hosting server safe from various attacks. But we should mention CloudLinux’s flexible offerings, which include ImunifyAV, a free tool. With their affordable price and lightweight resource needs ImunifyAV, ImunifyAV+, and Imunify360 are one step in front of the rest of the group.

Especially Imunify360’s antivirus and antimalware capabilities, 0-day protection, machine-learning supported WAF, brute-force and DDoS protection, port scanning features, and easy-to-use user interface are remarkable. If you are looking for an all-one-in solution with professional support for your hosting server, Imunify360 might be the ideal choice.

Imunify 360 Plesk

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