What are WHMCS themes?

WHMCS themes are basically client-facing user interfaces in WHMCS. Themes are customizable templates that you can customize according to your preference, company’s website, and branding. Twenty-One was introduced in WHMCS 8.4 and is currently the default system theme for new installations.

How to install the WHMCS theme?

Step 1: this step includes extracting the theme files since themes are always provided in compressed formats.


Step 2: After extracting, Look for the folder that contains your theme files, these have a .tpl extension, (e.g. clientarea.tpl, submitticket.tpl, etc). Then upload this folder to the /templates directory of your WHMCS.


Step 3: Connect to your WHMCS installation via FTP. Go to the root location for your WHMCS Installation this is the topmost directory and has subdirectories like /admin, /includes, and others. Look for a sub-directory named /templates and double-click to navigate to it. This directory contains all your WHMCS client area templates.


Step 4: Navigate to this directory and upload all your theme files (.tpl files).


Step 5: Once all the files and folders have been uploaded. Log in to the Admin Panel of your WHMCS and go to Setup > General Settings > General, Scroll to the drop-down and select the option that says “Template” select the name of the template that you just uploaded, this will be the name of the folder you created in Step 3 and click save

Top Advantages Of Whmcs Themes

Attractive look and feel – With a WHMCS custom template, you can easily make your client area more attractive and enhance the browsing experience.


Upgrade support – If you use a custom WHMCS template over the default template then it will help you preserve your changes and keep your setting as it is even if you upgrade to the higher version of WHMCS.


Fully Customisable – With custom themes you can customize color schemes, dashboard layout, custom header, and footer. It also gives you leverage to customize the main menu and side menu to match your brand layout or scheme.


Responsive Designs – Getting is custom WHMCS theme development is very useful in terms of responsiveness. Custom themes are fully optimized for all devices and work smoothly on all screen sizes. If you are having a custom theme then you can easily access your client area any time even with your phone when a desktop is not available to you.


Multi-Language support – Multi-language support is another great feature of Custom themes. Your customer can browse your website in their preferred language and they can also select their preferred language for the complete website, which is saved for their next visit.


Custom Order forms – Custom WHMCS themes comes with order forms that you can customize according to the needs of your customers and customize the plans that you offer. You can transform the visual appearance of the order forms.


Unique invoice templates – Custom WHMCS themes come with unique invoice templates. These templates provide a descriptive and detailed invoice about their orders. You can also share invoices in the form of PDF over email with an automated rule.


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