How to install Orbisreseller plugin

INSTALLATION Once you have purchased the OrbisReseller plugin, you will automatically receive a first email with your OrbisReseller license information and the linked user documentation. OrbisReseller installation requirements The installation ...

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cPanel Redis Plugin – Product Introduction

The cPanel Redis Plugin is a feature-rich software product built by UNIXy, a fully managed server company, that enables owners of cPanel WHM servers to install, control, and manage the Redis service from the comfort ...

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cPanel Security: 5 Best Ways to Secure your cPanel in 2022

It is important to tighten the security of the cPanel of the WordPress site to prevent any kind of hacking. Use these cPanel Security tips to tighten the back door ...

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Some points that you need to notice about cPGuard V4

We are happy to announce that we expect to start cPGuard v4 client beta testing by the first week of April 2022. Version 4 of UpGuard is not just a ...

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WordPress Toolkit Version 5.9 Update Has Been Released

As we continue making improvements and adding additional functionalities to WordPress Toolkit, we wanted to take a moment to share some of what has changed with our recent 5.8 and ...

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Why you should choose Cpanel for your hosting needs – Pros and Cons

Cpanel Web Hosting – If you are looking for a web hosting service with a cPanel, you have come to the right place. cPanel is a web-based hosting control panel that ...

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