Windows 11 wants you to see more dynamic content on the taskbar – Windows News

In Windows 11, one of the flagship features is the Widgets drawer, which is a reboot of News and Interests from Windows 10. While Windows 10’s News and Interests is ...

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New Windows 11 privacy feature lists apps that use your microphone and camera

Microsoft has recently added a new privacy feature that allows Windows 11 users to get a list of all the apps that have recently accessed their sensitive info and devices, ...

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Microsoft introduced open-source XDP for Windows

Microsoft introduces XDP for Windows, a new open-source XDP interface for Windows. Microsoft stated that XDP is a Linux Kernel project with a significant community around it. XDP is a high-performance, programmable network data path. XDP ...

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7 Ways To Secure Your Website’s Virtual Private Server

Security is a huge concern for most website owners. However, you don’t just need to worry about someone breaking into your site’s dashboard – it’s also vital that you protect ...

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What’s New In Windows Server 2022?

When configuring your server, your choice of the operating system is a big deal – it needs to work with the apps your projects use. If you’re an old hand ...

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Top 5 Mistakes That Will Probably Destroy Your Windows

Like any system in the world, you should also be careful with your Windows operating system. It does not work that you do anything you wish, and you hope that ...

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