VMware vSphere 8.0 – What’s new? New VMware Update

While you can run standalone ESXi servers, vCenter Server is the management component that unlocks all the “enterprise” features of the hypervisor and provides the clustering and high-availability features found ...

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What is VMware? An Essential Guide To VMware Products

Based out of Palo Alto, California, VMware is a vendor of virtualization software and a global leader in cloud infrastructure. The company was first founded in 1998, and after a ...

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Proof-of-concept exploit code for VMware vulnerability released

VMware released security updates to patch a critical vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2022-22972, that affects Workspace ONE Access, VMware Identity Manager (vIDM), or vRealize Automation. VMware also published temporary workarounds for its users ...

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Broadcom is acquiring VMware for $61 billion

Broadcom and VMware announced an agreement under which Broadcom will acquire all of the outstanding shares of VMware in a cash-and-stock transaction. Broadcom, a tech company that designs, develops, and ...

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VMware ESXi servers are being targeted by a new ransomware

Trend Micro security analysts have discovered a new Linux-based ransomware that targets the VMware ESXi devices. Currently, the threat actors behind those attacks are unknown. However, some speculations point out the threat actors might be related ...

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VMware is urging its customers to patch their products

VMware has released an article related to VMSA-2022-0011 security vulnerabilities found in some of its products with the required patches for the fixes. The company states that those vulnerabilities are critical and ...

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VMware ESXi vs vSphere vs vCenter: Top Main Differences

If you’ve never used VMware, a vast array of products and features associated with this vendor may seem nothing less than confusing. The aim of this blog post is to ...

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7 Amazing Benefits You Would Get From Using “VMware ESXi” For Your Virtualization Needs

No doubt, virtualization administrators are in the capacity to direct the organization’s overall operations, to look out for the latest technology that’ll allow their work to run faster with fewer ...

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What Is VMware ESXi and Its Role In The VMware Suite?

VMware ESXi is the bare-metal hypervisor in the VMware vSphere virtualization platform. As a bare-metal hypervisor for creating and running virtual machines (VMs), VMware ESXi runs on top and accesses the ...

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