8 cPanel Tips And Tricks to Make Your Website Management Simple And Efficient

cPanel Tips – For Linux-based hosting, cPanel is the control panel of choice for all of us, combining unparalleled functionality with ease of use. That being said, it has so ...

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How to customize Error Pages in cPanel

An error page displays to visitors when they try to access a web page that has a problem. Each type of problem has its own status code. For example, 404 is the ...

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How to Add An Email Account in cPanel

Adding an email address to your account in cPanel is very simple, and can be done in just a few minutes. Enter the Email Address you wish to create Enter ...

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Inactive Account Manager For cPanel – Cheap cPanel Modules

Overview Inactive Account Manager For cPanel unlocks the long-looked-for possibility for you and resellers to detect and monitor the inactive web hosting accounts located on your server. You will manage ...

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