Resellers Center For WHMCS will empower your resellers to handle acquired customers and generated sales in your system, while also helping you keep all their ventures under essential supervision. It is through your resellers that end clients will be able to obtain products, add-ons, and domains directly from you!

The module features a flexible management model based on reseller groups. Each group you create can gain a diverse set of reselling permissions applicable to store branding, payment gateways, payouts’ calculation methods, and other conditions. You will be able to track the sales progress statistics, as well as draw up multiple variants of documentation for resellers. Importantly, you will not need to be involved in any of reselling activities directly – the resellers alone can offer promo codes, handle acquired purchases, or even respond in tickets. All without ever leaving your WHMCS!

The genius of Resellers Center For WHMCS lies also in the choice between two reliable invoicing formulas. The first one will permit the resellers to configure independent payment gateways, issue customized invoices for end clients, and collect the money in a direct manner. Alternatively, you can receive payments settled by end clients in full, and then transfer payouts to your resellers either manually or automatically.

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  • Provider

    • Define Global Configuration And Reseller Permissions
    • Manage Assignment Of Clients And Services To Resellers
    • Create And Manage Pricing Groups
    • Assign Clients to Pricing Groups To Set Them As Resellers
    • Assign Products, Addons, And Domains To Pricing Groups
    • Define Pricing Range Per Products, Addons And Domains For Each Billing Cycle
    • Select Payouts Calculation Method Per Products, Addons, Domains, And Configurable Options:
      • Fixed-Rate
      • Difference
      • Percent Rate
      • Percent From Difference Between Admin And Reseller Price
      • Admin Percent With Fixed Rate
      • Admin Percent Plus Reseller Margin
      • Reseller Percent With Fixed Rate
    • Write Own Class To Calculate Reseller Profit
    • View Statistics On Resellers Sales, Income And End Clients
    • View Reseller Profits
    • Enable Reseller Own CNAME Domain Support
    • Select Available Store And Order Templates
    • Choose Email Templates Available For Branding
    • Choose Payment Gateways Available For End Clients
    • Choose Ticket Departments Available For End Clients
    • Choose Whether To Show Products Marked As “Hidden” To End Clients
    • Determine Invoicing Method For Billing End Clients:
      • Provider As Issuer Of Invoices
      • Reseller As Issuer Of Invoices
    • Allow Invoice Branding
    • Define Default Sequential Invoice Number Format
    • Allow Resellers To Receive Commissions From Configurable Options
    • Allow Resellers To Access And Define Their Own Promotions
    • Allow Resellers To Alter Their Email Templates CSS Styling, Header, And Footer
    • Prevent Resellers From Logging In As Their End Clients
    • Prevent Resellers From Viewing End Clients’ Details
    • Choose Whether To Send Default WHMCS Email If Reseller Template Is Disabled
    • Make Payouts To PayPal Account Or Credit Balance
    • Enable Automatic PayPal Payout Transfers
    • Prepare Documentation For Each Reseller
    • Disable Access To Knowledgebase For End Clients Of Certain Reseller
    • Disable Access To Main Store For End Clients Of All Or Certain Resellers
    • Hide Services Ordered Through Reseller Store In Admin Store View
    • Access Module Logs


  • Resellers

    • Configure Reseller Brand:
      • Domain
      • Company Name
      • Store Logo
      • Invoice Pay To Text
      • Sequential Invoice Number Format
      • Tickets Email Signature
      • Store And Order Template
      • Available Ticket Departments
    • Set Up Independent Payment Gateways Available For End Clients:
      • 2Checkout
      • Authorize.Net AIM
      • Bank Transfer
      • Billplz
      • PayPal
      • Payflow Pro
      • Stripe
      • WePay
    • Define Order Of Payment Gateways
    • Define Prices Of Products, Addons And Domains Within Defined Limits
    • Define Individual Promotions For End Clients
    • Define Individual Terms Of Service URL For End Clients
    • Add And Manage End Clients
    • View End Clients Orders, Invoices, Products, Addons And Domains
    • Create Custom Invoice Drafts And Issue Them To End Clients
    • Place Orders For End Clients Manually
    • Manually Accept Order Of End Client Before Payment Receipt
    • Login As End Client
    • View Statistics On Sales, Income And End Clients
    • View Generated Profits
    • Access Documentation
    • Receive Payouts To PayPal Account Or Credit Balance
    • Receive Email Notifications On End Clients Orders
    • Reply To Tickets Submitted By End Clients
    • View Email Templates And Use Editor To Modify Their Content
    • Modify Email Templates CSS Styling, Header, And Footer
    • Access Store By CNAME Domain Or Default Store URL
  • End Clients

    • Order Products, Addons, And Domains
    • Use End Client Details For Registered Domains
    • View And Pay Invoices
    • Pay Using Credit Card And Store Payment Data
    • Apply Credits To Invoices
    • Apply Resellers Promo Codes To Orders
    • View And Manage Products
    • Receive Branded Email Notifications
    • Submit Tickets To Reseller


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