Report Generator For WHMCS will let you preview numerous ready-made reports, and also generate custom ones using any type of WHMCS data. You will be free to export, print, and compare reports, display them in a table, graph, or chart form, as well as apply various filters, or even your own PHP code to receive expected results. Furthermore, the module will allow you to schedule creating and sending selected reports, both predefined and custom ones, either via email or to an FTP/SFTP server.

Whether you are fluent in SQL or have never heard of it, Report Generator For WHMCS will adjust to your skills by offering two different types of inbuilt creators, each equipped with a tidily arranged, user-friendly interface. The module provides the choice of over 30 reports prepared for immediate use, that you can further filter to obtain the exact figures you seek. If you own our CRM For WHMCS, you will be granted access to 4 exclusive insights into your customer relationships as well.

No matter if you are a web hosting provider, a domains reseller, or use WHMCS in any other way – Report Generator For WHMCS will help you x-ray your company to draw sure-fire conclusions, and shoot up your income. Order the module today, and never again gamble on the future of your business!

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  • Admin Area

    • Generate Your Own Reports
    • Access 37 Predefined Reports
    • Modify Report Results With Dynamic Filtering Options
    • Compare Side-By-Side Report Results With Different Filters
    • Generate PDF, CSV And XML Files From Reports
    • Display Print Preview And Print Reports
    • Create Reports On-Demand Or Schedule Their Generation As Background Task:
      • Choose Report Filtering Options
      • Define Date Range Of Scheduled Reports
      • Upload Report To FTP/SFTP Server
      • Send Report To Selected Staff Members
      • Send Report To Any Email Address
    • Export And Import Reports Structure To File
    • Access Module Logs
  • Reports Creation

    • Add Varied Widget Sections To Created Reports:
      • Table Chart
      • Column Chart
      • Line Chart
      • Pie Chart
    • Choose Reports Creation Advancement Level:
      • Beginner:
        • Generate Reports In Several Simple Steps
        • Join Tables With Known Relations Only
        • WHMCS Tables Available Only
      • Expert:
        • Write SQL Query
        • Modify Output With PHP
        • All Database Tables Available
    • Create Dynamic Filter Types:
      • Data Range Filter – Available On Report View
      • Dropdown Filter – Specify Available Options During Report Creation
      • Number Range Filter
      • Text Filter
    • Display Live Preview Of:
      • Data Returned By Report Creator
      • SQL Query Built By Report Creator
      • Section Generated By Report Creator


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