R1Soft Backups For WHMCS has been created to let you sell R1Soft Server Backup Manager accounts without any longer being hassled to leave your WHMCS. The module will grant you full management powers over the supplied products, including easy ways to terminate accounts, suspend users and change packages, to name but a few.

A whole range of available configurable options will allow you to offer various alternatives of R1Soft packages, each with a differently adjusted set of limits and privileges. Thanks to this, your clients will freely select and tweak their backup accounts into perfectly fitting their needs. After having ordered the personalized product, your customers will enjoy immediate access to all server details in your client area. Additionally, they will be invited to choose between the QuickLZ and three-level ZLib disk compression types, manage their login credentials, and log into the control panel with no more than a simple click.

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  • Admin Area

    • Create/Terminate Account
    • Suspend/Unsuspend User
    • Change Package
    • Change Password
    • View Server Details
  • Client Area

    • View Server Details
    • View Disk Usage Statistics
    • View And Manage Account Credentials
    • Log In To Control Panel
    • Package Settings

      • Is Power-User
      • Agent Limit
      • Soft Quota
      • Hard Quota
      • Quota Type
      • Replication Frequency Limit
      • MySQL Addon Limit
      • Archive Point Limit
      • Recovery Point Limit
      • Allow Archiving
      • Allow Agents
      • Compression Type:
        • None
        • QuickLZ
        • ZLib – Three Levels Available: Low, Medium, High


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