Product Linker For WHMCS will allow you to create order relations between your products, add-ons, and configurable options to sell them in bundles. Owing to our module your clients will be enabled to buy multiple products, add-ons, and configurable options by ordering at least one of them! What is more, you will be able to bolster your offer with flexible and automatically adjusting promo codes.

The module will let your customers buy for example a VPS account with a ready cPanel license by ordering just one product specified by you. Furthermore, when module command is called on the main product (e.g. Create), the same action is called on all child products. This is a fantastic, time-saving, and convenient feature! Moreover, our module will allow you to view, filter, delete or even switch prices between existing connections used by your customers.

What distinguishes our module further is that it can be combined with cPanel Manage2 For WHMCS, DirectAdmin Licenses For WHMCS, and Plesk Key Administrator For WHMCS modules. Owing to that, you will be able to offer your clients ready virtual servers with active cPanel, DirectAdmin, and Plesk licenses! You will be able to combine many different products together and sell them as a complete solution as well.

Product Linker For WHMCS is an awesome tool to introduce cross-selling and up-selling into your business. Order our module today to enrich your offer, sell your products in attractive bundles and increase your earnings.

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  • Automation

    • Handle Dependencies Between Module Actions – Each Create/Terminate/Suspend/Unsuspend Action Called On Main Product Triggers Such Action On Child Products
    • Enable Product Updates With Automatic Email Notifications Sent To Administrators
    • Copy Configurable Options From Parent To Child Product
  • Admin Area

    • Define Relations Between Chosen Product, Addons, Configurable Options, And Linked Products
    • Define If Addon Price Should Be Switched With Linked Product Price
    • Assign Custom Promo Codes To Relations
    • View, Filter, And Delete Existing Connections
    • View Error Logs
  • Client Area

    • Buy Multiple Products, Addons, And Configurable Options By Ordering At Least One Of Them
    • View Linked Product Added To Order By Triggering Relation


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