OVH VPS & Dedicated Servers For WHMCS is a dual-purpose module empowering you to automate the provisioning of both VPS and dedicated servers brought by OVH, including those of So you Start, and Kimsufi brands. It has been designed to let your clients order machines finely tailored through configurable options, and control their essential properties without stepping outside your WHMCS.

Whatever the server type your customers will decide on, the power switch, reboot, reinstall, and other typical operations can be performed at any time in your client area. The same applies to tracing server details, entering the KVM and IPMI console, as well as managing reverse DNS settings. The owners of virtual machines will additionally be able to create and manage snapshots, whereas those who went for dedicated servers will gain easy access to traffic statistics. Furthermore, you will be allowed to select the existing machines that can be later on reused by another client, in case the previous one opts out.

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  • Admin Area

    • Create/Suspend/Unsuspend/Terminate/Renew Server
    • Power On/Power Off/Reboot Server
    • Reboot Server In Rescue Mode
    • Reinstall server
    • Access KVM/IPMI Console (OVH)
    • Server Status And Details
    • Monitor Server Protocols Status (VPS)
    • View/Create/Restore/Delete Snapshots (VPS)
    • View Assigned IP Addresses And Update Reverse DNS Paths
    • View Assigned Disks With Bandwidth And Space Limit
    • View Traffic Statistics Graph (Dedicated Servers)
    • Configure Product Details For:
      • VPS
      • Dedicated Server
    • Choose Features Available In Client Area
    • Generate Configurable Options
    • Choose Welcome Email, Reinstallation, And Rescue Reboot Email Templates
    • Configure Email Piping
    • Choose Usable OVH Server Location, Country, And Type
    • Choose Existing Servers To Be Reused By Another Client
    • View Servers Logs


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