Planning to Start Your VPS/Dedicated Server Reselling Business? Look No More!

If you are looking to start a VPS/Dedicated Server Reseller business without investing in Hardware infrastructure, then this module is for you. With our WHMCS OVH module, you can easily resell OVH, SYS, and Kimsufi VPS/Dedicated servers to your clients, without even letting them know. Reselling in fully white labeled with an option to set admin margins on all the products.

It will take a few steps to start a VPS/Dedicated Server Reselling Business Using Our module:
Step 1: Create an OVH account.
Step 2: Install module on your WHMCS website.
Step 3: Setup your own products with price margins.
Step 4: It’s all done, as soon as your client purchases your product, our module will automatically provision the server and send the details to the client.

Your client can now manage their servers from your client area only, they do not need to step out of your WHMCS website to manage their OVH VPS or Dedicated Servers.

Your clients can perform various server operations in your website client area such as power, check server usage, manage IPs, buy Additional IPs, Check Resources, etc. This also applies to trace server details, entering KVM and IPMI consoles along with managing reverse DNS settings. Moreover, the owner of virtual machines will also be able to manage snapshots rather the dedicated servers can gain easy access to traffic statistics. Moreover, you will be allowed to select the existing machines which can be reused by other clients in case the prior one is withdrawn.

Features for OVH VPS & Dedicated Servers

Automated Dedicated & VPS Server Provisioning

Now you can resell the OVH VPS & Dedicated server instantly. Using our OVH Module, you can auto-provision servers without logging into your OVH account.

Create configuration options for your products.

By using our module you can easily create custom products in your WHMCS & our module ​will auto-create configurable options to let your client choose data center location, OS type, control panel, extra disk space or IPs, etc…

Upgrade/Downgrade VPS & Dedicated Servers

With our module, your clients can easily upgrade their servers within the client area & too without any data loss.

Auto-Renew Server

Whenever a new VPS server​ is ​sold through ​WHMCS, our ​module will by default set automatically to renew disable. If the user makes the payment before the due date WHMCS will automatically renew the server.


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