Office 365 For WHMCS is an easily operated module allowing you to automatically provision and handle key attributes of Microsoft Office 365 plans entirely within your WHMCS system.

Enhance your offer with a variety of subscriptions, each with a particular set of Office 365 services, supplied in either a standard or extended model. The basic mechanism is extra simple, as the chosen license will be automatically linked to a single user after the order is complete. The alternative, advanced variant offers the use of configurable options to let your customers both create as many users as wanted and assign available subscriptions to them freely. Whatever the license type, your client area will include essential management implements, facilitating feature upgrades/downgrades, and password changes. At the same time, the module will allow you to control each sold product without leaving the admin area, perform subscription switches, adjust billing cycles, as well as readily suspend or undo the suspension of plans.

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  • Admin Area

    • Create/Suspend/Unsuspend Office 365 Subscriptions
    • Choose Standard/Extended Provisioning Type
    • Choose Billing Cycle
    • Enable/Disable User Management
    • Create Office 365 Customer During First Or Every Order
    • Create Office 365 User With Every Order
    • Change Package
    • Change Password
    • Accept Microsoft Customer Agreement
    • View Debug Information
    • Client Area

      • View And Accept Microsoft Customer Agreement
      • Provide Custom User Domain
      • Standard Provisioning Type:
        • Automatically Create Office 365 Customer/User/Subscription
        • Upgrade/Downgrade Office 365 Subscriptions
      • Extended Provisioning Type:
        • Order Chosen Number Of Licenses
        • View/Create/Delete Office 365 Users
        • Assign Available Subscriptions To Users
        • Upgrade/Downgrade Number Of Office 365 Subscriptions
      • Change Password
      • Go To Office 365 Panel

Office WHMCS

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