NIC IT Registrar For WHMCS is a perfect implement for every accredited registrar of Registro. it, as it has been developed to introduce automation domains provisioning into your WHMCS system.

The module will not only streamline the entire reselling process, including domain registration and transfers but also provide the attributes necessary for you to remotely toggle their automatic renewals. You will easily adjust the precise moment when the status of a domain shall be changed to expired, or when it has to be deleted completely. Meanwhile, your clients will be welcome to personalize each placed order, as well as manage the auto-renewals and nameservers later on.

With NIC IT Registrar For WHMCS, you will conquer new markets and win the confidence of customers before you know it. Order the module today, set up your TLDs with a few quick clicks, and watch your business grow through new opportunities!


  • Module

    • Set Domain As Expired X Days After Expiration
    • Delete Domain X Days After Expiration
    • Toggle Domain Auto-Renewal
    • Synchronize Domain Expiration Date And Status
    • Synchronize Domain Transfer Status
    • Admin Area

      • Register/Transfer/Renew/Restore Domain
      • Approve/Cancel Domain Transfer
      • Request Domain Deletion
      • Modify Contact Details
      • Get EPP Code
      • Toggle ID Protection
      • Change Domain Status
      • Change AuthCode
      • Change Contact Status
      • Update Domain Expiration Date
      • Update Nameservers
      • View Pool Messages On Domain Changes
      • Define Time After Expiration To Automatically Set Domain As Expired
      • Define Time After Expiration To Automatically Request Domain Deletion
      • Allow Clients To Change Domain Registrant Contact
      • View And Modify:
        • Legal Type
        • Tax ID
        • “Publish Personal Data” Agreement
        • “.IT Registrar Contract” Agreement
      • Receive Email Summary Of Expired Domains Deletion
      • Client Area

        • Upon Order:
          • Define Legal Type
          • Enter Tax ID
          • Accept “Publish Personal Data” Agreement
          • Accept “.IT Registrar Contract” Agreement
        • Toggle ID Protection
        • Toggle Domain Auto-Renewal
        • Manage Nameservers
        • Update Contact Details
        • Get EPP Code
        • Receive Email Notifications About Failed Domain Transfers


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