Mollie Recurring gateway.

A WHMCS gateway/addon to accept recurring payments through Mollie (Recurring). Automatically sends payments to Mollie, processes them, and sets the invoices to paid in WHMCS once received by Mollie.

The gateway works by first letting the user pay for creating a mandate. This can be either a symbolic amount of x (default 1 cent) or by paying an open invoice. After the mandate is created, Mollie Recurring will be activated for the customer, and from this moment on all open invoices for that customer will be sent to Mollie Recurring. The gateway will ensure that the payment is taking place the day before the invoice expires, this to match the required SEPA Direct Debit timeline.

More information about the payment methods supported for the mandate payment and the recurring payments is available here.

Buy Mollie Recurring gateway For WHMCS


  • Verified by Mollie.
  • ALL payment gateways supported by Mollie
  • Payment check.
  • Testmode
  • Fast payment handling
  • Secure payments
  • Multi-language

Works with all WHMCS versions, regardless of what the WHMCS Marketplace says. The recent changelog is available through our website.


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