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Your website loading speed can greatly affect your ranking. The bounce rate from your website can be significant if site visitors experience loading delays. LiteSpeed Web Server is an effective software that you can install on your server when there comes a need to improve the acceleration speed of your website.

Primary Features

LiteSpeed Web Server is well known for its built-in and proprietary caching feature which helps to reduce the load time of web pages.

  • Compatibility with Several Programming Languages

Litespeed is what we would call a Jack of all trades if it was a person. The plugin works flawlessly with several programming languages. It supports CSS/Javascript combination. Apart from that, the plugin also supports HTML/CSS/Javascript minification.

  • Image optimization

Images are becoming a primary part of Google ranking. Litespeed reduces the load time of your website, thus improving image ranking. If images are optimized for speed, it is easier to rank higher than when they take time to load before appearing in full. Delays can also drive the necessary traffic from your site.

  • Private Cache

The push for data privacy has gained momentum over the last few years. We all like privacy and safety of our information and data. Litespeed guarantees secure storage of any activity on your site. The information remains accessible only to the authorized parties who can access the website.

  • Lazy Load Images Support

Litespeed supports this feature to improve on speed. A page does not need to load all the images if the site visitor does not scroll to the bottom. This feature makes Litespeed a good option for pages that have long pages with several images. Browsers don’t have to wait for seconds if not minutes for unresponsive images.

  • Crawler

Crawlers determine which pages on your website are indexed and how long it takes to do it. Litespeed makes browser bots more effective in indexing your web pages. You will benefit from faster and more efficient indexing by crawlers when using Litespeed.

  • Supports Edge Site Includes (ESI)

Nothing is more daunting than realizing you have to do an overhaul of a certain code since your web accelerator does not support fragmentation. Litespeed gives you a leeway to edit designate part of your web page without interfering with the other. Consequently, the feature improves accuracy and also enhances the speed of web page delivery.

  • CDN Support

Content Delivery Network (CDN) support is an essential part in web speed enhancement. Litespeed is compatible with various CDN services, including but not limited to CloudFlare. This can further enhance speed in availability and performance of different media services.

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