What is Kayako Fusion Stable Helpdesk?


Kayako’s help desk applications include strong out-of-the-box functionality, making it effortless for client support teams to start handling requests and discussions over any station, support clients improved, and remain private as they develop.

Kayako’s help desk program is a complete package of tools such as live chat applications that are fast and easy to incorporate and a coordinated shared inbox, making our solutions simple and cheap to use. Our completely integrated help desk software makes it possible for companies of all sizes to offer exceptional customer support in several languages through live chat, email, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Different Help Desks And Why Kayako Is Better

With heritage help desks

Missed messages, unhappy staff, and frustrated clients.

With Kayako Help Desk

Everything in 1 spot, a happy staff, and loyal clients.

Live chat software included

Kayako’s award-winning help desk software includes our live chat software as among many tools that will aid you with your customer care success.

Kayako’s live chat tool lets you have an engaging live chat encounter, even if you’re not online.

You’re able to assist customers in real-time across all your stations from email, societal, site, iOS, and Android programs.

Context-driven client support: Contrary to other help desk applications, Kayako provides you with a comprehensive picture of your client’s travel so that you understand where they are coming from. Your team will understand every interaction a customer has had with your enterprise and the issues they’re confronting even before they reach out for assistance. With Kayako, all of the information your staff should extend for a private and connected client experience is right in their hands.

Common Inbox for Client Conversations: Kayako’s help desk applications make encouraging customers simple with the shared messenger application. With custom perspectives, tags, and dialog missions, your customer support staff can keep up with available issues and automatically assign conversations to the top individuals.

Customer self-help knowledge foundation: Kayako gives a comprehensive help desk experience using a completely customizable knowledge base available 24/7 even though your group is not. Clients can get what they’re searching for and immediately get tips as they type.

Kayako Fusion Stable Helpdesk Core Features:

  • Contains AJAX
  • Active Directory (LDAP)
  • VBulletin, ModernBill integration
  • Voice chat
  • Microsoft® Outlook® integration
  • The teamwork module doesn’t let you communicate one on one and in groups.
  • Along with other capabilities.


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