Kayako For WHMCS has been developed to combine the potential of your system with a whole set of modern support attributes powered by Kayako. The module will free your customers from the hassle of direct logging into Kayako altogether, empowering them to perform all basic operations on tickets within the known, visually unaltered confines of your WHMCS client area.

It is thanks to this neat integration that your customers will be able to submit tickets in any single department provided so far in Kayako and manage them conveniently without ever again having to leave your website. You, at once, will be offered the capability to easily export the WHMCS client base along with both existing and newly opened tickets, as well as harmonize all provided responses between your system and the customer service platform. Based on this, your employees will be given the convenience of monitoring and handling any single ticket created in WHMCS straight from within the Kayako panel.

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  • Client Area

    • Manage Existing Tickets
    • Open New Ticket In Chosen Department
    • Select Priority/Type/Related Service
    • Attach Files To Ticket
    • Reply And View Replies From Agents
    • View List Of Recent Tickets
    • Admin Area

      • Configure And Test Server Connection
      • Define Available Support Departments
      • Define Available Ticket Types
      • Define Default Type For Exported Tickets
      • Define Field For Related Services
      • Define Ticket Status Colors
      • Manually Export To Kayako:
        • WHMCS Clients
        • WHMCS Tickets
      • Toggle Debug Mode
      • Integration

        • Automatically Export To Kayako:
          • New Tickets
          • Clients On Tickets Creation
        • Synchronize Ticket Responses Between WHMCS And Kayako



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