JetApps has recently released JetBackup v5.3.0 to the ALPHA Tier. This release includes some exciting new features such as support for Interworx, an improved Indexing Engine that will improve the efficiency of your backups, as well as Integrity Checks for backups. Additionally, there’s a new Bare Metal Restore feature that allows you to back up and restore your server from kernel to user accounts. The release notes below provide a summary of cases addressed with this release. Please note that “Base” features and bug fixes apply to all JetBackup versions.

What’s New

JetBackup – v5.3.0 (Base):

  • Upgrade lighttpd to version 1.4.68- #1480
  • Upgrade rsync to version 3.2.7- #1479
  • Added support for InterWorx Control Panel
  • Added AlmaLinux 9 support- #1331
  • Added option to disable Account homedir lock when restoring files- #1270
  • Improved reindexing engine – #1235
  • Added “Clear Alerts” button- #1152
  • Ability to exclude junk email account folders- #946
  • Redesign the Disaster Recovery process- #352
  • Added Bare Metal Restore Capability (Guide)
  • Added Integrity check- #1367

Bug Fixes

JetBackup – v5.3.0 (Base):

  • Fixed an issue where “The directory has vanished” during restore- #1378
  • Fixed an issue where Directories job will try to migrate accounts data if export folder exist- #1344
  • Add status to DR JB Configurations restore- #1080
  • [GUI] – Added pagination to File Browser- #659

JetBackup – v5.3.0 (cPanel):

  • Fixed Disk Usage column not properly showing quota on cPanel servers- #166
  • Fixed SSL Backup not fetching the installed certificate- #151
  • Fixed issue collecting PHP version as part of the package- #143
  • Fixed issue failing to restore DNS Zone Records from backup- #132
  • Fixed cPanel restores don’t set account custom IP address- #107
  • Fixed DNS restores when server is in a cluster- #102
  • Preserve user/group ownership of Addon Domains directories when using custom addon directory- #96

JetBackup – v5.3.0 (DirectAdmin):

  • Fixed issue preventing main domain not being restored if the account exists- #158
  • Implemented new DNS parser engine- #132
  • Set suspension & quotas before backup/restore- #116
  • Fixed an issue with JetBackup returning an incorrect error message from DirectAdmin API- #109
  • Added ability to fetch account inode use in DirectAdmin- #105
  • Fixed Emails under a suspended domain can’t be backed up- #107
  • Fixed Email account restore fails if IMAP directory is missing- #108
  • Added Email-Only Account Backups- #88
  • Fixed SSL Error when restoring an account w/ SSL Certificate saved + SSL disabled- #62

JetBackup – v5.3.0 (Interworx):

  • Initial Release

JetBackup -v5.3.0 (Linux):

  • Added create account and create package scripts- #52
  • Fixed error restoring Database users in MySQL 8.0- #40
  • Fixed restoring MySQL root user creates access denied issue- #9

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