IP Manager For WHMCS will allow you to easily add and manage IP subnets as well as automatically assign IP addresses to your servers, products, add-ons, and configurable options. Along with it, you will gain the possibility to freely assign subnets to your customers, who will be afterward enabled to order additional IP addresses from them in the client area. All these without even leaving your website!

The module expands the spectrum of instruments dedicated to IP addresses assignment through the sound management of multi-level subnets. Under this process, you will be able to not only create various child subnets but also split, merge or delete subnets at your discretion. Moreover, you will be permitted to choose between available addresses within a specific IP pool and assign them to your client’s product, import/export IP subnets, reserve IP addresses as well as view exact statistics about subnets usage on clear-cut graphs. And that is still not everything! You will be empowered to integrate with 3rd party applications like cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, Proxmox VE, or SolusVM.

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  • Admin Area

    • Show And Manage Multi-Level IP Subnets With IP Pools In Tree-View
    • Assign/Unassign/Delete IP Addresses Directly From Products/Services Tab
    • Create Multiple Configurations For Multiple Scenarios Of IP Addresses Assignment
    • Create Multiple Relations In One Configuration For Products, Addons, Configurable Options & Servers
    • Define IP Addresses Reservation Rules – Reserve IP Addresses For Network, Gateway, Broadcast, And More
    • Define Default Custom Fields For:
      • IP Subnets
      • IP Addresses In Chosen Subnets/Pools
    • Export/Import IP Subnets/Pools – Supports XML And CSV Formats
    • Omit Dedicated IP Address Fields For Specific Configuration
    • Toggle Custom Field Usage Instead Of ‘Assigned IP’ Field
    • Synchronize IP Addresses Used By-Products In WHMCS With IP Manager
    • Receive Automatic Email Reminder Sent When Specified Usage Percentage Of Any IP Subnets Has Been Exceeded
    • Define Configuration Of Integration Method (cPanel & cPanel Extended)
    • Set Up IP Addresses Cleaner – Ensures That All Assigned IP Addresses Are In Use
    • View IP Subnets Usage Statistics And Graphs
    • View Logs
  • IP Subnet

    • Add IP Subnet/Pool Using CIDR Notation
    • Exclude Selected IP Addresses From Subnet During Its Creation
    • View IP Addresses Of Subnets/Pools
    • Split/Merge IP Subnet
    • View And Create Child Subnets
    • Delete Single IP Address From Subnets/Pools
    • Assign/Unassign IP Addresses To/For Service
    • Bulk Actions – Assign/Unassign/Delete IP Addresses
    • Lock IP Subnet To Client Or Clients Service
    • Create Custom Fields For Subnets/Pools/IP Addresses
    • Generate Free IP Addresses:
      • Sequentially
      • Defined Manually
    • Client Area

      • View Assigned IP Addresses
      • Unassign IP Addresses
      • Order Additional IP Addresses


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