We’re pleased to announce a new version of Imunify360. Version 6.12 is now available!

The following features are new in the v6.12 release:

  • Improved end-user interface
    The updated interface offers improved visibility of Imunify360’s protection status for end-users
  • Malware Database Scanner changes
    MDS is stable now and has become a recommended feature for every server

Improved end-user interface

Imunify360 v6.12 has introduced a new UI for end users that provides several helpful features to increase the user’s account security and protection status.

Now, it is possible to view the current malware scan status and results of all previous scans.  Previously, we only showed results when malware had been detected.

Additionally, the new UI displays the status of the run-time scan, giving users visibility of their protection status all the time.

With these new features, users can stay on top of any potential issues of protection status.

The updated end-user UI is available out of the box and doesn’t require any additional configuration from the server administrator.

Malware Database Scanner changes

The latest update significantly changes the Malware Database Scanner (MDS). From the v6.12 release, MDS is no longer experimental and will be enabled for all new installations.

This change will take advantage of MDS’s powerful capabilities to fight database-hosted malware. MDS will automatically clean up malware when auto-cleanup is enabled.

Imunify 360

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