A new beta version of Imunify360. Version 7.0 is now available!

The following features are new in the v.7.0 beta release:

  • New product architecture
    Releases of Imunify products become faster and lighter!
  • Crontab files scanning is ON by default
    The feature is no longer experimental.  From now it will be enabled by default.
  • Remote files restore
    The ultimate way to handle false positives with minimal fixing time

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New product architecture

We passed a long journey to improve the internal architecture of the Imunify products and divide its core into several separate components that can be delivered independently. This improvement provides benefits compared to the previous architecture. For example, we can release/fix issues faster, and there are fewer internal dependencies.

New for version 7.0, ImunifyAV(+), and Imunify360 will no longer be released separately. Instead, both products will receive updates for their internal components, including core-7.0, ai-bolit-31.16 (belonging to both products), and ids-7.0, pd-7.5, which are exclusive to Imunify360.

Crontab files scanning ON by default

In v6.10, we introduced the crontab malware scanner.  Later in v.6.11, we improved it to work with our real-time scanner. Since those updates, the feature has proved reliable and will now be enabled by default for all installations except the servers where it was disabled intentionally.

The corresponding option was removed from UI, but the config option remained the same just for unpredictable edge cases.

In the rare case that Crontab scanning was disabled intentionally, the following CLI command can be used to enable it manually:

# imunify360-agent config update '{"MALWARE_SCANNING": {"crontabs": true}}'

Or to disable it:

# imunify360-agent config update '{"MALWARE_SCANNING": {"crontabs": false}}'

Remote files restore

Imunify can now resolve cleanup issues proactively, even before site owners become aware of them. We place a great deal of emphasis on the quality of our signatures and take steps to ensure server stability. However, on rare occasions, legitimate files may be wrongly flagged as malicious, resulting in a False Positive. If this occurs, we can detect and address the issue very quickly, often within a matter of minutes or a few hours after the release. With our new approach, instead of relying on the site owner or server administrator to manually restore the file, the issue can be resolved promptly to prevent further disruption.

With the new approach, the Imunify team can remotely do a quick fix for any false positives and roll back problematic cleanup in minutes. In this case, the History page will contain Restored original events caused by Imunify in the initiator column.

The feature is completely automated and requires no additional steps to configure. This improvement will minimize the even low chance that server administrators or site owners will face false positive issues ever.

Imunify 360

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