The Imunify team is happy to report that we achieved another performance improvement. This time it relates to the Proactive Defense module and Real-time AV scanner.

Proactive Defense

Proactive Defense rules update went live on March 17-19. It resulted in a drop in rules processing time by ~21%. Thus, the new rules will positively affect server load and free up CPU resources. See the graph below to see positive changes in the server load.

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Figure 1 – processing time decrease 17-19 Mar
originating in Proactive Defense rules update

Real-time AV scanner

Real-time AV was reconfigured and achieved a relative ~30% CPU load decrease. After this update, it doesn’t consume on average more than 3.8% of overall server CPU resources.

The update went live on March 14-15. The graph below shows the actual improvements.

Figure 2 – CPU load decrease 14-15 Mar
registered after Real-time AV update

Note: Updates were made automatically, and there is no need to perform any manual action to receive or install the updates.


All improvements that we recently made should significantly free up CPU resources. This is part of the performance optimizations we started a few months ago.

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