Imunify360 has a new investigation and monitoring solution dubbed Dashboard PRO. The new solution provides customizable visual representations that reflect the data in the environment; allowing analyzing and taking necessary action with this information.

Presenting details as visual graphs

Dashboard PRO uses the data pool that Imunify360 processes and provides every detail regarding servers, IP addresses, attacks, users, events, incidents, and more. It delivers that information via visual graphics for an easier understanding. Dashboard PRO is also fully customizable; users can create their own Queries and Dashboards to export, reflect, compare, and investigate any information in the database by utilizing Redash functions.

The events & Incidents Lookup dashboard examines web-related incidents on a server. The dashboard can be filtered to reflect more specific information as well. Additionally, the IP profile dashboard quickly checks whether a specific IP address was detected in performing attacks and malicious behavior.

Currently, the Dashboard PRO is in test mode. Organizations that want to access the security solution can use the link below to contact with Imunify support team via the Support portal:


Imunify 360

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