We’re pleased to announce a new beta version of the Imunify360 Firewall module. Version 7.1 is now available!


The following feature is new in the v7.1 beta release:

  • cPanel anti-bot protection with Splash Screen
    Imunify360 stops bot attacks on the cPanel ports, using the JavaScript challenge “Splash Screen.”

cPanel anti-bot protection with Splash Screen

We are pleased to announce that we have extended the well-established Anti-bot protection functionality to cPanel to ensure that users are protected from bot attacks.

All users trying to log in to cPanel will face up with the “Splash Screen” JavaScript challenge. Most bots are unable to solve the challenge, and their requests will not reach the cPanel login page. All users using regular browsers may pass the challenge automatically. After passing the Splash Screen, a user receives a cookie for 24 hours and does not need to pass it again for the whole session.

As bots and other automation are not supposed to pass the challenge, all legitimate automation should be whitelisted by IPs.


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The feature is switched off by default. To switch the feature on, use the following CLI command:

# imunify360-agent config update '{"WEBSHIELD":{"panel_protection":true}}'

To switch it off:

# imunify360-agent config update '{"WEBSHIELD":{"panel_protection":false}}'

Imunify 360

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