Did you know that your website conversion rate can increase by up to 400% just because of the experience users has with the interface? To improve your user experience, you might want to rebrand your website.

Rebranding a website might be fun, but a challenging process. When rebranding or even redesigning a website, the owner needs to take care of the existing SEO ranking and also consider factors such as the latest user requirements, the changes in the external environment, the strategies followed by top competitors, etc. It is important to understand both – micro and macroeconomic factors to ensure that you share the same goodwill as your old website.

The most important reminder before you start rebranding and redesigning your website is to follow an organized step-by-step approach to make sure nothing important is lost and your ranking is not impacted.

This article will help a website owner/manager to understand the best way to rebrand a website and navigate their way around it.

Why Do We Recommend Rebranding Websites?

A website becomes outdated after about 3 years of existence. With customers visiting these websites regularly, they get used to and bored of the same graphics and visuals. It might be a good idea for the company or business to rebrand at this point or when they deem fit depending on the industry and services being offered.

Here are 5 reasons why we highly recommend rebranding:

  • Create Hype
  • Stay Updated
  • Innovate to Attract Users
  • Introduce New Offerings
  • Announce Business Changes

1. Create Hype

It shows the willingness of the business to update and upgrade constantly. A rebranded website can get users excited. Use this as a marketing opportunity to highlight your business to your current as well as new target users.

2. Stay Updated

A company might have a revised vision and mission that needs to show on its website. Businesses evolve with time and it is important for a business to stay ahead of the curve by continuously improving its processes, even if that means transforming its values.

3. Innovate to Attract Users

A company might want to innovate and tell its users about any new launches of products and services. A redesigned website is a great way to attract more customers to the website and tap into a new market or geography while ensuring suitability to a wider set of target users.

4. Introduce New Offerings

If there are new products that target a new set of people, the rebranding has to match that and display the latest information. For example, if a new product line targets teenagers, then the website has to be made so that it attracts more teenagers. In this case, you can get innovative and also reach teenagers’ parents as they might be the real decision-makers.

5. Announce Business Changes

If the existing business has merged with another or has been acquired by another business, then rebranding is imperative. While rebranding will help to incorporate the values of your partnering organization but remember to win the confidence of existing users by offering them comfort.

A website rebranding exercise only shows the audience that you still strive to deliver the best services and products to your users. It’ll help your users feel more confident about your services and offerings and connect with you better. You can also include them in the rebranding process by asking for their feedback so they feel valued.


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