Adding an email address to your account in cPanel is very simple, and can be done in just a few minutes.

Enter the Email Address you wish to create

  • Enter the email address that you want to create (if you already have email addresses you may have to click the “Add Email Account” tab first.)
  • Email – Enter the email address part before the “@.” For example, if you want [email protected], you only need to enter “test.”
  • Password – Choose a strong password for your email. You will see the Strength Bar change, indicating how good your password is. We recommend a strength of 70 or more for security purposes. You may wish to use the Password Generator to help you create a secure password.

Some web hosts will set a minimum required password strength. A green password Strength meter will indicate whether the password is equal to or greater than the required password strength.

One of the most common ways of your account being compromised is due to poor quality passwords being chosen. You should take selecting a secure password seriously.

Choose your Mailbox Quota

Some hosts will restrict the maximum mailbox size allowed in their terms and conditions. For most accounts, 500 MB should suffice.

If you tend to email large files, you may want to increase this to either 1GB (or more) or if your hosting plan permits, “Unlimited.”

You can allocate a quota of up to 4096 GB (4TB) (For a 64-bit system). For a quota above this level, you must select the “Unlimited” option.

Once you have set your mailbox quota in cPanel, click “Create Account.”

Confirmation of Email Account Creation

Once you have clicked “Create Account” you should see a message confirming that the account has been created. This message with a green background will show for 10 seconds, with a countdown timer in the bottom right-hand corner.




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