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Our History:

Since 2013, we have been reviewing popular licensed systems and discarding them for personal use to purchase a product license for several servers.
But after a while, we realized that many users like us are not able to pay and use the licenses of some companies completely and it is not profitable for them.
So we decided to launch a complete system to enable the company’s licenses to be shared with the public at a lower price.

For example, we buy an original cPanel license and use that tunnel to use the license for three servers.

We are currently licensing the following systems in a common way:

(Also, original licenses for Microsoft products are provided in a completely original way )

we provide microsoft license in all types (Retail,OEM,MSDN)

Difference between shared licenses:

  1. They are no different from the original licenses and only cost less
  2. Support is not possible through the original site

Features of shared licenses:

  1. With these licenses, your systems will be activated completely correctly, and even if they are checked by the main site, they will be actively identified.
  2. You will automatically receive a software update from the main site

share licensee system

How our system works:

  • By purchasing a subscription from us, the desired product with your requested IP will be validated for your payment period
  • To activate any of the products, you will automatically enter the installation commands on your server
  • Ability to manage payments
  • Ability to automatically change the IP of each license
  • Ability to upgrade any type of license

** affiliates system:
At the moment, the marketing system is also active for our products, and you can earn money by introducing us to your friends (for more information, visit this link)

Price list of our products





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More Extra detail about Microsoft license :

What is Microsoft Office and where did it come from?
Office is an integrated set of integrated software, servers, and services built for Microsoft Windows and Mac operating systems. Microsoft Office was introduced in 1989 for the Mac operating system, and the following year, in 1990, a Windows version was released. The first version of the Microsoft Office suite included Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. There were also plans for Microsoft Access and Scholes Plus to professionally write this version.

Office 2007 / Office 2008 used a newer and more user-friendly environment with new formats called Office Open XML with docx, xlsx, pptx formats. In addition, Microsoft has created a new, free, and add-on feature called Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack so that users can use older versions of Office, such as Office 2003 and Office 2000, files in Office Open style and format. Run the XML file format.
The latest version of Microsoft Office is called Office 2012, which was released after the last stable version, and the latest version under the Mac OS X operating system is called Office 2008, which was released on January 15, 2008.
Some of the cool features of this version are that it is cloudy or cloudy to share in your personal cloud space.
Finally, in 2014, Microsoft released the Android version of the Office suite.
The final version of Office 2016 was released on September 22, 2015. Office 2016 is a collection of desktop applications with web and mobile applications.

Microsoft is known as the most comprehensive platform in the world by offering its operating systems and releasing the latest version of its collection called Windows 10. A platform that supports a wide range of different hardware in the form of a comprehensive solution. Joe Belfior of Microsoft noted that the company’s millions of users still use the Windows 7 operating system, and as we can see, many of our companies and offices still have the operating system installed on their computers. Microsoft has made changes to Windows 10 to get the positive feedback from older Windows users.
Windows 10 runs on a variety of devices, from Internet of Things to advanced data center servers.

What are the benefits of buying a Windows 10 license and using the original Windows?
As you know, Windows cracked has been tampered with so that people can block the licensing process from Microsoft’s servers and install and activate Windows with a fake license. These files send encrypted information from your system to the cracker’s main server, but the main question is, what information is being sent to you? Definitely, this manipulation will cause a lot of problems, such as system slowdown, bugs and software errors, and so on.

Direct update:
If your Windows has a valid license, it will always receive the latest official Microsoft updates without any problems, and the latest version of Windows will be installed on your system. You know that updates are generally released to fix software bugs and make the operating system more stable. And since ransomware attacks have become so common in the past few months, it’s important that your operating system is up to date.

Microsoft support:

Also, with the original Windows license, you can easily enjoy Microsoft’s support for the operating system installed on your computer. This feature will only be enabled for users who use the original Microsoft license.

One of the main reasons for the difference in the prices of licenses

What is the difference between TYPE of licenses?

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