Hosting Renewals For WHMCS is an extraordinarily useful module that will empower your clients to handle billing cycles and recurring payments in aspects never before manageable. In essence, they will be allowed to toggle automatic renewals, renew services before the due date, and freely alter the billing cycle of any owned product.

With but a few clicks, you will perform every key action on as many products at once as needed. The module will allow you to select available billing cycles, and combine them with specified discounts to be applied in the process of a cycle switch. Additionally, each product can be assigned a different time limit for the renewal duration. You will also get to decide whether a domain and add-onsB should be renewed along with the service they belong to, or even force the execution of such operations when required. Last but not least, you will be able to compose and send customized email notifications to remind your clients about any upcoming renewals.

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  • Client Area

    • Renew Services Before Due Date
    • Renew Domain And Add-ons Along With Service
    • Toggle Auto Renewals
    • Change Billing Cycle And View Discounted Price Difference
  • Admin Area

    • Renew Services Before Due Date
    • Renew Domain And Add-ons Along With Service
    • Toggle Auto Renewals For Service
    • Choose Available Billing Cycles
    • Configure Client Area Features
    • Define Discount Applied Upon Change Of Billing Cycle
    • Choose Between Two Discount Types – One Time And Recurring
    • Toggle And Force Domain Renewal Along With Service
    • Toggle And Force Addons Renewal Along With Service
    • Toggle Upfront Renewal
    • Toggle Application Of Recurring Amount From Service Settings
    • Disable Auto-Renewal For New Services
    • Define Maximum Renewal Time Limit
    • Automatically Switch Billing Cycle Before Defined Number Of Days To Due Date
    • Send Email Reminders About Upcoming Or Missed Renewals
    • Define Multiple Templates For Email Reminders
    • Perform Bulk Changes On Multiple Services:
      • Change Settings
      • Add Payment Reminders
      • Toggle Auto-Renewal
      • Toggle Discounts Status
      • Delete Discounts
    • View Logs
    • General Info

      • Multi-Language Support
      • Supports PHP 7.2 Up To PHP 7.4
      • Supports WHMCS Themes “Six” And “Twenty-One”
      • Supports WHMCS V8.0 And Later
      • Easy Module Upgrade To Open Source Version


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