Another Monday, another release – today with new functionalities for admin panel, Status Updates, gateway, Gateway Fees, and other modules!

Admin panel

Last week we introduced a new, updated interface for two-factor authentication for both clients and admins. Extending new functionalities in this area, admins with permission “Manage Staff Members” can now disable MFA for other staff members.

In Security Settings in HostBill you can manage admin area IP access rules: allow or deny access for specific IPs or IP range. The new option enables to change descriptions for a created admin area allowed IP’s.

Status Updates

The Status Update module allows you to provide quick status updates on your site. The module features status notifications for affected clients using the HostBill ticketing system and an additional client area page where scheduled events are displayed on a calendar. The new feature allows staff members to set if and when to show event notifications in the client area: from the “Start time” till “Finish time” or from the chosen date till the “Finish time”.

Gateway fees

The Getaway Fees plugin allows to set and automatically apply additional charges for using certain payment gateway. Recently we’ve added the option to show fee % on the invoice item description and now we’ve improved this so you can specify custom fee line on invoice rather than gateway name.

Currently, HostBill supports nearly 20 payment methods offered by Stripe and now we’re adding the Payment Request Button to the list. Payment Request Button allows to collect payment and address information from customers who use Apple Pay, Google Pay, and browser-saved cards.


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