This week in HostBill we’re presenting updates to MaxMind Fraud Protection, Google Analytics integration, Multibrand, Password Manager and more!

Updates and new functions

MaxMind, one of our Fraud Protection modules has been updated to use the current minFraud API. The module provides various information about the risk of orders being fraudulent and can be just a simple help when accepting orders manually or it can automatically block fraudulent orders/clients.

The Google Analytics module has more flexible plugin configuration options than the Gtag module. GA enables analytics tracking in your billing system and can be also used to track conversions on purchases from referral sources. There are actually two plugins available: Google Analytics which uses ga.js and analytics.js and Google Analytics Gtag which uses gtag/js. For the second one the configuration options include:

  1. Ecommerce tracking – If you’ve enabled eCommerce tracking in your analytics account, you can enable this and send transaction info
  2. Cross-Domain tracking – When enabled, will add the ‘allowLinker’ argument in creating a method for ‘Universal Analytics’
  3. Custom Code – Enter the custom javascript code you wish to be entered after the page view event.
  4. Custom Configuration – Enter code that will replace gtag(‘config’,…) line generated by this module
  5. Disable explicit pageview event – when enabled, the pageview will not be sent explicitly, assuming it’s being sent by default

Small improvements have been added to other modules as well! Opayo (previously Sage Pay) payment gateway has a new option that enables to the process of refunds. The gateway also supports recurring charges and tokenization! Multibrand enables to set an “Affiliate Landing page redirect” option. Password Manager now orders passwords from the newest to oldest by default. cPanel has UAPI support for admin. In terms of billing, now service with auto-renew disabled will not have its credit card payment auto-captured.


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