A few updates this week, including IPAM, Account Statement feature, auto-charging, and more!

Enable auto-charge by the client

The credit card section in HostBill Settings lets you configure options for credit cards information storage and management and payment collection. You can let clients pay manually or enable automated payments X days before the invoice due date. With the new option, you can allow clients to enable/disable auto-charge by themselves. This option will be available in the Client area → Account details → Settings.

Credit Card Settings

Client Area: Account Settings


Account statement update

Recently we have introduced new functionality: Account Statement – PDF document with the list of all transactions and invoices linked to the account, that can be downloaded by staff and clients. Now, we added additional variables to the document: ‘id’ and ‘paid_id’.

IPAM update

The IPAM module helps to organize and track IP Addresses. Now, a new provisioning module was added to assign single IP to the account. Additionally, using split/join allows setting a new gateway for each list. We also update split/join confirmation to show split/join results.

The related invoice client function

In HostBill there is plenty of Client Function that you can enable per product/service. Newly added Client function: Related Invoices allows to display of all invoices related to the given service. As for any other client function, you can adjust its appearance in the client portal.

New payment methods for Duitku

Duitku is a payment gateway designed especially for the Indonesian market. It enables to accept payments across different banks, credit and debit cards, virtual accounts, retail stores, and e-Wallets throughout Indonesia. HostBill supports Duitku to collect payments out of the box via multiple payment methods. Three more were added in today’s release: NC, LF, and BR.





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