This time in HostBill release: new ticket attachments, a new log for file access & downloads, a new option for pro-rate cancellations, and more!

Ticket attachments view

Support Ticketing System in HostBill is one of the crucial elements of our software and keeps on evolving to make it better constantly. Recently we worked on ticket attachments view. We’ve added the gallery view of image ticket attachments and thumbnails for image files in ticket attachments and client files to improve usability.

Support for image thumbnails is also added in the Theme2019 Downloads section and Ticket attachments.

File access log

All actions in HostBill are logged allowing you to keep control over what’s happening in your HostBill. You can easily browse the logs divided into various categories, helping you to quickly find what you are looking for. Today we’re adding a new log – File access log. All file attachments downloaded either by the staff or by the client are logged in this section. The log includes the file name, the person who opens the attachment, and the date.

Product Setting: Pro-rate cancelations

The product “Other Settings” section consists of a number of options for product cancellations, upgrades/downgrades, and more. The new option allows deciding whether to enable prorating during cancelations. You can disable it or enable it for pre-paid services (for immediate cancelations) or for post-paid services. When enabled, HostBill will automatically calculate the amount the client should receive after service cancellation as a credit added to the client’s account. If Credit Notes are enabled, HostBill will also generate them.


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