Time for the new release! New in today: SMSAPI mobile notification module, Customer Rewards plugin update, new features for OpenProvider, RRPProxy.net, Stripe Intents ACH & more!

SMSAPI Notification module

We’re happy to present a new notification module: SMSAPI. Just as other mobile notification modules available in HostBill, the SMSAPI integration allows you to notify both your staff members and customers about important events in HostBill using SMSAPI gateway. Your staff can be notified about various ticket events (new ticket, ticket status changes, new ticket notes, ticket replies, and more). The notifications can be sent only for tickets with selected priority levels or only to selected departments. Staff notifications can also concern new orders and new transactions, new chat messages, and also failed domain or account automation or failed login. The module can be also used to notify your clients about new invoices, ticket replies, etc, and to send reminders about service expiration or payment dates.

Additionally, a fast messages option is available for this module. Enabling this function will result in sending messages with the highest priority which ensures the quickest possible time of delivery. Fast messages cost 50% more than normal messages.

As HostBill modules are designed to work together, apart from standard HostBill event notifications, you can use SMSAPI module to get notifications from other modules as well, for example, Cloud Monitoring (to get notifications when the website is down) or SMS Verification (to get verification code).

Customer rewards plugin update

The Customer Rewards plugin was designed to help you build your customer loyalty. Thanks to the module you can reward your clients with points, added to their account for taking certain actions, such as: registration, adding contacts, ordering certain products, adding security rules, signing up to your affiliate program, having active profile for a certain number of days or adding credit to their account. Once the customers collect a specific amount of points you can reward them with:

  • credit – specified credit amount added to the customer account,
  • promotion to a client group – changing the customer group (VIP customers, Priority Support, with defined privileges)
  • a coupon code – assigning the specific pre-defined promotional code to the client.

Today we added a new event enabling us to add points for Service Renewal.

Other news

Other new functionalities added this week include the Domain name suggestions feature added to the OpenProvider domain registrar module. Additionally, the module is now equipped with a cron job that polls and changes the domain status to transferred out. RRPProxy.net module has a new admin dashboard widget “Resend contact verification. Stripe Intents ACH now has the possibility to send an email to the client/admin in case of payment failure. For all the details – please see the Changelog!


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